A Sail of Two Idiots

The true story of how two landlubbers cruised to the Caribbean without any sailing experience and lived to tell about it. Renee Petrillo and Michael Puceta are just like you: two dreamers who fantasized about saying goodbye to the rat race and sailing to their fantasy island. Not knowing how to sail didn't stop them. And it didn't help them either. With Renee as the captain and Michael as the first mate, the couple managed - in spite of themselves - to get from Miami to Grenada, eventually dropping anchorat the island of their dreams. Determined to safe you from making the same mistakes , Renee shares the 101 lessons the couple learned the hard way - a true example of the proverb "do as I say, not as I do".

Author: Petrillo, Renee
Edition: 1
Pages: 290
Book format: paperback
New: May 19, 2012

Product code: 60.44.360

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