Heavy Weather Powerboating

Edited by Hugo Montgomery-Swan and endorsed by Bear Grylls, contributors include leading powerboating names, from world champions and endurance record breakers to designers, instructors and RNLI coxswains. Like Heavy Weather Sailing, it includes chapters on the theory of dealing with rough seas and shares the hard-won experience of experts in their field, leaders in their class, or simply ordinary powerboaters who found themselves unexpectedly faced with extreme weather, and survived to pass on the lessons they learned. Among other topics, Heavy Weather Powerboating looks at offshore adventuring, high-speed helming techniques, operating in the surf and surviving terrifying phenomena such as black holes and rogue waves.

Author: Montgomery, H
Edition: 1
Pages: 256
Book format: hardback
New: Sep 21, 2010

Product code: 60.56.155

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