Creative Ropecraft

Packed with the author's exquisite and highly detailed drawings of knots and knotting techniques, this book is a treasure trove of knots, hitches, bends, plaits, netting, and decorative ropework, all explained clearly and simply so that even a layman can follow in the footsteps of the traditional seaman. The author describes how to tie and use a wide variety of knots, both practical and fancy, from crown and wall knots to turks heads, and also demonstrates a wide range of decorative ropecraft designs and practical projects, ranging from mats, belts, hammocks, and rope-edged trays to table lamps, door knockers, and cuff links.This is the definitive work on the subject of practical and decorative knots & ropework, now reissued in a newly designed edition.

Author: Grainger, Stuart
Edition: 4th Edition
Pages: 124
Book format: paperback

Product code: 60.74.230

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