Mooring Equipment Guidelines 4

The shipping industry has always been concerned with safe mooring practices. A fundamental aspect of this concern entails the development of mooring systems which are adequate for the intended service, with maximum integration of standards across therange of ship types and sizes. MEG3 consolidates the following titles - Guidelines on the Use of High-Modulus Synthetic Fibre Ropes as Mooring Lines on Large Tankers (1st Edition 2002), Recommendations for Ships' Fittings for Use with Tugs (1st Ed, 2002)Prediction of Wind and Current Loads on VLCCs (Second Edition 1994) and Prediction of Wind Loads on Large Liquefied Gas Carriers (First Edition Reprinted 1995).

Author: OCIMF
Edition: 4th, 2018

Product code: 40.10.220

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