A Lighter Ton - The Champion New Zealand Yachts of the 1970s

This book tells the story of how New Zealand designers, Bruce Farr, Laurie Davidson and Paul Whiting, changed the face of international racing yachts during the 1970s in the level rating offshore classes - The 'Ton' boats. The book traces the origins of the International Offshore Rule, how it worked and its development in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It then examines the emergence of a new and light displacement approach to the rule, one that allowed for greater speed for less cost, leading to boats that were more exhilarating to sail and would point the way to a more exciting future in yacht design.

Author: Blakey, Richard
Edition: 1
Pages: 185
Book format: paperback
New: Apr 30, 2012

Product code: 60.34.280


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