Spot X Surfing New Zealand

Spot X Surfing NZ will be a 'must read' for anyone planning to surf New Zealand, it is a compilation of knowledge gleaned after years of experience by some of this countries finest surfers. Pita Ngaru has been a mad keen surfer for longer than he cares to remember. Over the years he has had a passion for exploring new breaks and as a result has surfed from one end of the country to the other. Pita's surfing expertise and the unselfish sharing of knowledge by the local Xperts has resulted in a comprehensive book. Over 30 Spots from Northcape to Bluff. Topographic maps with access to spots clearly shown, Best wind, tide, season and swell, Surf quality, experience needed, consistency and wave type. Local services, accommodation and facilities.

Author: Ngaru, Pita
Edition: 1
Pages: 152
Book format: paperback
New: Nov 18, 2010

Product code: 60.78.670


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