Sea Fishing

This is a unique handbook for any yachtsman or motorboater who would like to catch their own fish. Fishing whilst cruising along the coast or at anchor isn't as easy as it might at first seem, but this practical, photographic guide shows the novice how to set up their tackle, bait the line correctly and work with the tide to best effect. The correct fishing techniques, tackle, weights and bait will vary depending on whether you are sailing at speed, drifting along the coast or fishing whilst at anchor. Sea Fishing presents information for all situations with helpful step-by-step photos and diagrams. It details how to kill, de-scale, fillet, skin and cook your catch.

Author: Whippy, Jim
Edition: 1
Pages: 157
Book format: paperback
New: Oct 12, 2010

Product code: 60.38.630

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