Spot X - Diving New Zealand

The new book will show GPS marks and access for all dive spots and like Spot X's successful 'NZ Hunting Guide', will show full details that the spot offers; type of dive, degree of difficulty, species (scallops, crays etc?), depth, current, restrictions, special conditions plus any other relevant details relating to the safety and enjoyment of the dive site. This book will be a `must have' for every serious diver and with over 150,000 divers in New Zealand we expect it to have a very high readership! The first edition will be out for Christmas and will be promoted extensively through TV, radio and magazines along with in-store promotions by leading book sellers. Your guide to diving in New Zealand.

Author: Moran, Enderby
Edition: 1
Pages: 200
Book format: paperback

Product code: 60.78.310


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