A Private Revenge

The ninth adventure of Capt. Nathaniel Drinkwater--but only the second published here--places the middle-aged, phlegmatic skipper of H.M. frigate Patrician in the South China Sea in 1808 under secret Admiralty orders to thwart the new Franco-Russian alliance. Guiding ships of the East India Company (practically a power in itself) from Canton to Penang, he must be wary of pirates, the Hong in Canton, the emperor in Peking & a shipload of Russian prisoners. Drinkwater is duped into giving passage to his archenemy Morris, along with the man's fortune in silver & his catamite. The crafty Morris, his Navy career cut short by scandal, plots a private revenge that will ruin Drinkwater & may even let Morris have his heinous way with the Captain.

Author: Woodman, Richard
Pages: 246
Book format: paperback

Product code: 60.60.106


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