Enterprise to Endeavor - The J-Class Yachts

Only 10 J-Class yachts were ever built but no one sailing class has ever gripped the imagination of the public as the J's did conjuring up an era of wealth, splendor, beauty and expanse which has disappeared for ever. Astra, Ranger, Endeavor, Shamrock V, Velsheda, Candida, Britannia, Enterprise, Rainbow, Yankee - their very names as unique as their combination of grace, size and speed. This tribute tells the story with worlds and photographs of an eventful decade before their cost, income tax and the Second World War banished them forever. The final chapter of this new edition recounts the revival of interest and the restoration of nearly all these great yachts which have survived.

Author: Dear, Ian
Edition: 4th Edition
Pages: 160
Book format: hardback

Product code: 60.34.210

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