Fish Fish Fish - Cook Book for NZ

In an ideal world, I would have Dean Betts live at our house and cook me fresh fish day and night any way I like it because his Anglesea Grill restaurant (in Auckland) is one of my favourite places on the planet to eat. In the real world, however, that's not going to happen (although I did ask him!), but happily he has now written this book showing me - and everyone else - how to do it for ourselves. For people liek me who find the idea of even buying fish - never mind cooking it - fraught with danger, it's ideal; sort of like a Road Code for unlicensed fish fans. It's the next best thing to having the man himself in your kitchen or, even better, in his!

Author: Betts, Dean
Edition: 1st
Pages: 144
Book format: paperback

Product code: 60.14.210

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