Voyaging Under Power

First published in 1975, Robert Beebe?s Voyaging Under Power revolutionized long-distance cruising, encouraging powerboaters to enjoy what was once exclusive to sailboats and their crews: crossing oceans to exotic, interesting, and beautiful places in comfort with a minimum of problems and expense. Now power-cruising couple Denis and Mary Umstot, whose interest in power voyaging was ignited by Beebe?s work, have updated Voyaging Under Power for the twenty-first century. The much anticipated Voyaging UnderPower, Fourth Edition, includes Beebe?s original wisdom and philosophy of passagemaking, as well as his groundbreaking thoughts on vessel stability and fuel monitoring. A must read!

Author: Beebe, Robert
Edition: 4th, 2013
Book format: hardback

Product code: 60.56.310

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